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Patio Enclosure with a Soft Vinyl Roof Summary

We have examined the market and are pleased to present you with these high quality screen rooms. These patio rooms provide you with protection from the UV rays of the sun and at the same time give you a refuge from those annoying insects. Our screen rooms are easy to assemble. Whether you choose a patio enclosure with a soft vinyl roof or an insulated aluminum roof, our patio rooms require very little maintenance.

The three sided (Patio Enclosure) patio rooms are available with either a soft vinyl or insulated aluminum roof. Our Soft Vinyl roof has a support structure and tension system which allows superior water run-off and virtually eliminates pooling of water when installed properly.

3 Sided Patio Enclosure with Soft Vinyl Roof

(attaches to wall of house, cottage, trailer or mobile home)

  • Soft vinyl roof
  • Available in many standard sizes
  • Custom sizes also available that will fill most other needs
  • Frame colours either White or Black
  • 6 soft vinyl roof colours- Gray, Green, White, Blue, Burgundy, Taupe


  • This is a screen room that will provide you with years of use and great value!
  • Roof tensioning system provides a tight roof for protection against those pesty bugs and also has superior water run off
  • Extrusions that hold roof system provide additional rigidity to screen frame
  • Roof is made from 13 ounce, 1000 denier, reinforced 3-ply polished soft vinyl with sunblock and mildew resistance
  • Ease of installing and removing roof superior to those in its class
  • Sturdy screen frame made of aluminum
  • Standard screen panels are 44" wide and 74" high. Optional height available at additional cost.
  • Powder coated, baked on paint finish for better adhesion
  • Will accommodate patio room depth or projection from 7'6" all the way to 10'
  • Standard connecting wall height is 98". Optional heights available at additional cost.
  • The screen room is screwed down to a deck or patio
  • Sliding screen door that won't get manhandled by the kids


  • 79" high screen frames available at additional cost for taller people .
  • Custom Size Screen room available at additional cost
  • Extra doors
  • Roof height at point of connection to home or trailer different from 98"
  • Extension of roof beyond end of screen room
  • Privacy or Wind Panels

Screen Room Frame Colours


Privacy or Wind Panel Material Colours



Free Standing Screen Room Footprint

Free Standing Screen Room Optional Items

79″ High Screen Room Frames get price

Additional per panel

Privacy, Wind panel for 79″ high Screen Frames get price

Additional per panel

Screen Room Frames with 1 cross mullion bar
Extra Sliding Door (Non-Round Screen Room units) at time of purchase
(This is put in the place of a Regular Screen panel and Includes Door Frame, Sliding Door,
2 Door Tracks, Door Handles, Weatherstrip)
Additional Roof Section
Roof is extended past end of screen room, patio enclosure)
  get price


  • Prices subject to change before finalization of order without notice.

Patio Enclosure with a Soft Vinyl Roof Prices and Sizes

Get your Privacy or Wind Panels with your order for 20% more.

Standard Height is 98". Screenroom available at height other than 98" at additional cost.

When items have a Canadian destination, the goods are sold in Canadian dollars. When goods have a U.S. destination the goods are sold in U.S. dollars. Price includes all shipping and handling within the continental U.S. or Canada and brokerage fees when shipped to the U.S.. See details in the shipping policy.

Approximate Nominal size in feet & inches Some Sizes No Longer Available on Remaining Price May Differ from Below
Model Number Projection Length  
  Price US/CDN
0806 7' 6" 7' 6" N/A
0909.75 10' 10' $3,961
0909.25 11' 3" 10' $3,961
1107 7' 6" 11' 3" $3,480
1109.5 10' 11' 3" $4,505
1109 11' 3" 11' 3" $4,505
1111 15' 1" 11' 4" N/A
1508 7' 6" 15' $4,081
1510.5 10' 15' $5,036
1510 11' 3" 15' $5,036
1512 15' 1" 15' 1" N/A
1809 7' 6" 18' 9" $4,684
1811.5 10' 18' 9" $5,751
1811 11' 3" 18' 9" $5,751
1813 15' 1" 18' 9" N/A
2210 7' 6" 22' 6" $5,282
2212.5 10' 22' 6" $6,298
2212 11' 3" 22' 6" $6,298
2214 15' 1" 22' 6" N/A
2611 7' 6" 26' 3" $5,859
2613.5 10' 26' 3" $6,826
2613 11' 3" 26' 3" $6,826
2615 15' 1" 26' 3" N/A
3012 7' 6" 30' $6,478
3014.5 10' 30' $7,661
3014 11' 3" 30' $7,661
3016 15' 1" 30' N/A


  1. Price of Screen Room, Patio Enclosure Do It Yourself Kit includes screen frames and hold down extrusion, sliding screen door and hardware, roof track, and soft vinyl roof.
  2. Customer provides their own screws to secure the hold-down extrusion to a deck or patio and roof track a home or a trailer. This approach is taken because the manufacturer does not know whether the Screen Room, Patio Enclosure Do It Yourself Kit is being attached to a wood or concrete structure.
  3. It is assumed that the connecting wall is 98" high. Other optional heights are available at additional cost.
  4. Custom sizes available at additional cost.
  5. Price includes all shipping and handling within continental U.S. or Canada including brokerage fees when shipped to U.S. > See details in the Shipping Policy.
  6. Price subject to change without notice prior to customer finalizing order.
  7. Please contact us for pricing on custom size Screen Room, Patio Enclosure Do It Yourself Kits.

Patio Enclosure with a Soft Vinyl Roof Specifications- cross bar different from show in photo

Patio Enclosure for Soft Vinyl Roof

The add-a-room screen room, patio room is a three-sided screen room that is installed on a deck or patio and attached to your home, cottage or trailer. The screen room can be purchased with either a soft vinyl or insulated aluminium roof. The add-a-room provides protection from the sun, rain and bugs and will allow you to obtain greater enjoyment from the outdoors during the summer. There are many different colors, standard sizes and heights. Custom size screen rooms are also available.

The following is a description of the Soft Vinyl Roof Patio Enclosure.

The screen room frames are made of strong fully extruded aluminium. The frames are baked, powder coating painted and available in several colours. The screen room frames are fully screened in fibreglass screening that has 18 x 16 threading per square inch. The screen room frames have an aluminium cross bar support to enhance the strength of the frame and accommodate the optional windows. The cross bars are painted in a manner similar to the frames themselves. Each screen room frame is pre-joined to the next one using a 1″ flexible vinyl hinge. One screen door is provided, which slides on nylon wheels in a rigid plastic track.

The screen room frames are 44″ wide and multiple frames are combined to form the size of screen room, patio room ordered. Normal screen room frame height is 74″ and an optional height screen frame is available.

The standard height at the high point of the screen room, patio room is 98′ with 74″ high screen frames.

The soft “vinyl roof has a roof support structure, which results in a tight fitting roof that is resistant to bug entry and when installed properly will result in good water run-off and less tendency for the pooling of water on the roof.

The soft vinyl roof is 3- ply flat stitch re-enforced polished vinyl has sun-block and is mildew resistant. It should be noted that since this roof is constructed of soft vinyl it is not designed to carry a snow load and must be removed in the winter. Where the screen room, patio room is installed under a home roof, it is necessary to have an eaves-trough on the house so that significant amounts of water are not dumped on the screen room, patio room roof from the house.

An aluminium track, is installed on the home or trailer. The rafters will not bend in normal wind and provide a solid support structure for the roof.

The vertical portion of the gable ends is attached to the house or trailer using the short tracks provided.

The vertical portion of the gable ends is released by removing the short track on each end. When the roof is removed, it should be washed with a mild soap, rinsed and dried thoroughly and folded up for the winter. Since the roof is not designed to support a snow load, the manufacturer recommends it be removed for the winter.

All parts in the kit are made of rust resistant aluminum except for the soft vinyl hinge connecting the screen frames, the wheel assembly, and tracks for the sliding door and the soft vinyl roof.

Free Standing Screen Room Warranty

The screen room manufacturer is known to assure many years of worry free use of its products uses quality material in the manufacturing of their product.

5Year Guarantee on Structure Against Rust

The manufacturer offers to the original purchaser a 1-year guarantee on the aluminum structure.


Guarantee on all Faulty Manufacturing

The manufacturer guarantees fault free parts and labour on its parts for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. Should a fault occur during this period, the faulty part will be repaired or replaced (according to the conditions stipulated below) to the discretion of the manufacturer, which will include an approved amount for labour.


If a fault occurs during the guarantee period the Manufacturer will repair or replace the faulty part at its discretion. This repair or replacement to the defective item, added parts or ties; including transport charges and installation charges will be excluded (unless an amount was approved for the labour of the product). This offer is valid only if, in the opinion of the manufacturer this fault is not a result of abuse, negligence, poor installation, maintenance, freeze or unauthorized repairs for modification. These guarantees are offered only to the original purchaser and are not transferable to subsequent owners or on pieces repaired or replaced. The original purchaser must return the completed guarantee form included with the product to the manufacturer within the 10 days following receipt of the purchase in order to be registered. The manufacturer’s responsibility is limited to the repair or replacement of the faulty part and doesn’t include loss of use, inconvenience, nor damages or similar consequences.

Guarantee Claim Procedure

The original purchaser must advise the manufacturer in writing (along with pictures) of the date where the fault was noticed within 10 days so that the manufacturer can have the opportunity to verify if the claim is justifiable and at what point the repair or replacement can be done.

Calculation of minimum roof slope requirements

The normal screen room frame height (B) is 74″. If the people using the Screen Room, Patio Enclosure are tall, one may wish to consider purchasing the optional higher screen room frames. In order to have proper water run-off from the roof a minimum slope is required. This slope is determined by a combination of the height of the screen room frames and the projection of the Screen Room, Patio Enclosure. Projection is the distance one would walk away from the house or trailer to which the Screen Room, Patio Enclosure is attached.

Calculation of minimum roof slope requirements for a Soft Roof Patio Enclosure Screen Room, Patio Enclosure

Projection (C) Minimum Height (A)  
  With Screen Frame Height  
  B=74″ B=83″
7’6″ 88 92
9’6″ 93 102
11’4 96 106
15’1 107 116


  1. Screen Rooms, Patio Enclosures with height (A) other than 96″ are optional and carry a premium.
  2. Normal height (A) is 98″ and this should be used wherever possible with B=74″ screen frames and (A) 105″ with B=83″ screen frames. Within reason the higher the pitch the better.


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