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Screen Room Privacy, Wind And Rain Panels Summary

  • Create privacy for your Screen Room, Patio Enclosure
  • Use your freestanding Screen Room, Gazebo as a pool change room
  • Reduce the penetration of a low sun
  • Protect against wind or rain
  • Panels are interchangeable (except for door or special size screen frames)
  • Made with aluminium frame with powder coated baked, paint finish
  • Vertical centre bar to prevent the frame from bowing
  • Easily inserted and removed using the finger tabs
  • Hinged one-third top section

Panel Frame Colours


Privacy or Wind Panel Material Colours


Wind and Rain Panel Dimensions

Screen Room, Patio Enclosure Type Dimensions

  1/2 Panels   1/3; 2/3 Panels  
    With 1 Cross Mullion With 1 Cross Mullion   With 2 Cross Mullions
    Screen Frame Sizes Screen Frame Sizes   Screen Frame Sizes
Screen   22″ & 44″ 44″ 22″ 22″ & 44″ 22″ & 44″ 44″ 22″ 22″ & 44″ 44″ 22″
Frame Privacy Wind Height Width Width Height Height Width Width Height Width Width
Height Panel Type   1/3 Panel 2/3 Panel    
74″ Regular Panel 34 3/8″ 42 1/16″ 20″ 23 1/8″ 47 1/4″ 42 1/8″ 20″ 23 3/16″ 42 1/16″ 20″
74″ Sliding Door Panel 33 3/4″ 42 1/16″ 20″ 22 5/8″ 46 1/2″ 42 1/8″ 20″ 22 11/16″ 42 1/16″ 20″
74″ Round Door Panel 31 1/8″ 40 1/16″ 20″ 21 3/8″ 42 5/8″ 40 1/16″ 18″ 21 11/16″ 40 1/16″ 18″
83″ Regular Panel 38 7/8″ 42 1/16″ 20″ 26 1/8″ 53 /1/2″ 42 1/8″ 20″ 26 1/8″ 42 1/16″ 20″
83″ Sliding Door Panel 38 1/4″ 42 1/16″ 20″ 25 11/16″ 52″ 42 1/8″ 20″ 25 11/16″ 42 1/16″ 20″
83″ Round Door Panel N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Privacy, Wind Rain Panel


  1. N/A – 83″ High Screen Frames are not available on the “round” Screen Room, Patio Room

Screen Room Privacy, Wind and Rain Panel Optional Items

Privacy, Wind Panel for 83″ high Screen Frames $10

Additional per panel


  • Prices subject to change before finalization of order without notice.

Screen Room Privacy, Wind and Rain Panel Prices and Sizes


Price includes all shipping and handling within the continental U.S. or Canada. When panels are purchased separately from a screen room shipping is extra. When items have a Canadian destination, the goods are sold in Canadian dollars. When goods have a U.S. destination the goods are sold in U.S. dollars. See detail in the Shipping Policy.

 Number ofOne box coversOne box coversOne box covers
Model NumberPanels in box1/2 the room1/3 the room2/3 the screen
  Price US/CDNPrice US/CDNPrice US/CDN
1109, 18099$624$563$1,106
1508, 408088$565$520$1000
1510, 2210, 41110, 4131010$684$576$1,212
1510.5, 41010.58+2@.5$656$601$1,182
1811, 261111$743$688$1,316
2212, 41112, 4161212$803$721$1,402
2212.5, 41512.510+2@.5$775$703$1,386


Screen Room Privacy, Wind and Rain Panel Specifications

Privacy Wind Panel

Privacy Wind Panel with 2 Cross Mullions

Privacy, Wind panels are an option for either the free standing, screen room or patio enclosure.

They are used to create privacy for a screen room, patio room and in that manner it may be used as a change room or extra room during the summer time. These panels can also reduce penetration of the sun, cut down the wind and protect against rain.

The panels are interchangeable, that is they will fit in any screen frame, except for the door, or special size panels.

The panels are made of a cold rolled aluminium frame with baked, powder coating paint and either clear or opaque (10-gauge) shoe-calf vinyl depending on the client’s preference.

There is a vertical centre bar in the panels to prevent the frame from bowing, which may otherwise result from tightening of the vinyl.

The panels are held in place in the screen room frame by the horizontal cross member in the screen frame and a groove in the bottom or top of the screen frame extrusion against which a stainless steel spring exerts pressure. The privacy/wind panels are easily inserted and removed using the finger tabs in the frame of the panel and the top window has a hinge at mid-point to allow the top portion to be flipped down.

All parts are made of rust resistant aluminium except extruded plastic corners, plastic finger tabs and the soft shoe-calf vinyl.

Screen Room Privacy, Wind and Rain Panel Warranty

The screen room manufacturer is known to assure many years of worry free use of its products. Abris Penguin Shelters only uses quality material in the manufacturing of our product.

5Year Guarantee on Structure Against Rust

Abris Penguin Shelters offers to the original purchasera 5-year guarantee against rust on our aluminium structure. Should rust occur during this period, the faulty part will be replaced or repaired (according to the conditions stipulated below) by Abris Penguin Shelters.

By Abris Penguin Shelters.

Guarantee on all Faulty Manufacturing

Abris Penguin Shelters guarantees fault free parts and labour on its parts for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. Should a fault occur during this period, the faulty part will be repaired or replaced (according to the conditions stipulated below) to the discretion of Abris Penguin Shelters, which will include an approved amount for labour.


If a fault occurs during the guarantee period Abris Penguin Shelters will repair or replace the faulty part at its discretion.This repair or replacement to the defective item, added parts or ties; including transport charges and installation charges will be excluded (unless an amount was approved for the labour of the product). This offer is valid only if, in the opinion of Abris Penguin Shelters this fault is not a result of abuse, negligence, poor installation, maintenance, freeze or unauthorized repairs for modification. These guarantees are offered only to the original purchaser and are not transferable to subsequent owners or on pieces repaired or replaced. The original purchaser must return the completed guarantee form included with the product structures to Abris Penguin Shelters within the 10 days following the purchase in order to be registered. Abris Penguin Shelters’ responsibility is limited to the repair or replacement of the faulty part and doesn’t include loss of use, inconvenience, nor damages or similar consequences.

Guarantee Claim Procedure

The original purchaser must advise Abris Penguin Shelters in writing (along with pictures) of the date where the fault was noticed within 10 days so that the manufacturer can have the opportunity to verify if the claim is justifiable and at what point the repair or replacement can be done.


We accept payment by Etransfer, PayPal, Postal, & Bank Money Orders

Our Prices are your total cost delivered to your door in continental U.S. or Canada. See Shipping Policy for details.

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