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The Leisure Store Inc. will make our best efforts, for aspects within our control, to ensure that your order is delivered in a timely fashion. Your purchase will be shipped either by a major common freight carrier or by a major courier, depending on the item you have ordered. Couriers have certain package weight and dimension limitations. Normally, when these are exceeded your order will be shipped by common freight carrier.

When you place your order we will advise you of the estimated delivery time based on the manufacturer's normal lead time. However, we are unable to guarantee delivery times due to factors which are not within our control. To save time, the product you purchase will be shipped to you directly from the manufacturer's warehouse.

We will advise you as soon as we know that your order has left the manufacturer's premises and give you a tracking number (Pro Bill number) for your shipment.

We have provided all the required shipping information to the customs broker (if your order is cross border) and the transportation company and look to them to move your purchase quickly and efficiently.

Below are the Customer's responsibilities with respect to the receipt of your purchase:

Arrangements for Receipt of Your Purchase

When your purchase is shipped by common freight carrier, we have asked them to call you first to make arrangements for delivery. The shipping costs do not include the freight company storing your goods; so they will expect to be able to deliver them the same or the next day. Be certain to get their contact information (name and phone number) should you have any questions for them before your purchase arrives. If for example they are late, you may call them directly enquiring about your shipment. If your purchase is shipped by courier, you will not likely receive a call first. Upon arrival, if you are not in they will, normally, leave you an "attempted delivery notice" with a contact phone number. You should contact the courier not The Leisure Store regarding arrangements for another delivery. Common freight carriers and common couriers do not deliver on Saturday or Sunday.

Unloading of the Common Carrier Freight Truck

Most common carriers provide one person with the truck. It is your responsibility to unload the goods and carry them to your designated location. It is recommended that at least two people be available to help unload the shipment. If you are ordering a Screen Room, Patio Room, sunroom or Patio Enclosure each component could be in excess of 100 pounds, but light enough for two people of normal strength to carry. If your shipment is in a large crate, it can be disassembled quickly with a screwdriver, snipe and hammer and in that way give you access to smaller packages. The carrier is not responsible for delivering your purchase any closer than your driveway, assuming that it is accessible by the freight truck. Goods will be packaged in a carton, with cardboard or wood protection or on a skid to prevent damage during shipping. It is not the courier or freight company's responsibility to take back or dispose of any of the packaging.

Inspection of Your Purchase on Receipt is Very Important

Whether a courier or freight company make the delivery, they will ask you to sign a document indicating that you have received your purchase. It is implied the goods are in good condition if you do not indicate that there is any damage to the goods when you sign the document. Therefore, inspection of the goods is extremely important prior to your signing for the receipt. A reasonable amount of time for unloading and inspection of goods is given by all couriers and freight companies.Most goods are received in good condition. However, for your protection follow this process when receiving your purchase:

  1. Count the number of pieces or boxes delivered and compare it with that marked on the driver's delivery document. If there is a shortage write the number of missing items or boxes on the both your copy and the driver's copy of the delivery document (bill of lading).
  2. Check the delivery for damages. Check the items for all signs of damage such as boxes that are crushed, dented, torn, opened, resealed, punctured, wet, stained, or where they have ignored the "This Side Up" printed on the box. Not all types of shipping damage result in damage to the exterior of the carton. While the driver is there, you should open all boxes and examine all the sides of your purchase for scratches, penetration or pressure damages. Any exterior damage as mentioned above should result in a more in depth inspection of the goods.
  3. Any damages found whether it is to the exterior (box) or interior (goods) must be noted on your copy and the driver's copy of the delivery document before you sign it. Keep a copy of the document with the notations for yourself and ensure that the driver's copy has the notations on it as well.
  4. The shipping company has the right to inspect parts, which were damaged in shipping and result in a damage claim. So please retain these parts for their inspection.
  5. Do not refuse delivery for minor damage. For minor damages, it would be simpler for the damaged parts to be replaced rather than reject the entire shipment. Please consult with us while the driver is there, if possible, prior to making this decision. In any case please contact us and we will make arrangements to replace damaged parts.
  6. If the goods are severely damaged you may wish to refuse the shipment. In this case, contact us while the common carrier is still there so that we can assist you with this decision. In the case of rejection of the order due to damage in shipping, we will make arrangements for a replacement shipment to be sent out to you, however, this may take a couple of weeks.
  7. Contact Us If You Have A Shipping Problem.
Common Carriers Do Not Accept Claims For Shipping Damage Found After You Have Signed That The Goods Were Received In Good Order. Unfortunately These Will Become Your Responsibility. Please Do Carry Out The Inspection!
Our Prices are in $CDA for shipments in Canada and $US for shipments to the U.S., which covers the additional shipping costs and brokerage fees which we pay. We pay the shipping ( Where Regular Shipping Service Is Provided By Major Common Carriers.) and brokerage fees for all orders to Continental U.S. or Canada except For Special Sale Items, Privacy/wind/rain Panels, Spare Parts and Other Not Listed Items, If Your Area Is Not Serviced By A Major Common Carrier There Will Be An Additional Shipping Cost To You Due The Need For The Major Common Carrier To Transfer Your Shipment To A Smaller Local Carrier. Please Do Not Pay The Shipper. Your Purchase Has Been Fully Prepaid Including All Shipping And Handling. If The Shipper Attempts To Collect From You Please Call Us Immediately And We Will Assist. For shipments in Canada Applicable Taxes Are Extra.

Effective Date

April 1, 2015

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