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Sunroom Specifications

Sunroom Roofing Material

We are pleased to offer one of the easiest do it yourself sunrooms in the market. These units can be used to create an entirely new sunroom or to enclose an area with an existing deck and/or roof.

These sunrooms can be erected by do-it-yourself clients and offer an excellent balance of quality, price, flexibility and time savings in erection time.

Although each unit is custom designed, they are manufactured in a manner, which keeps your cost down. The custom modular units result in easy and speedy erection of your sunroom.

In addition, the fabrication of these sunrooms can accommodate slightly out of level or square existing conditions within limits and are designed to be attached to your home or park model trailer.

Our sunrooms provide custom designed additional living space embedded with natural light, attached to and accessible from your home or park model trailer. In northern climates a southern exposure is the best location because the sunroom will receive light the majority of the day. In southern climates an easterly exposure is best for providing morning sun and shade the rest of the day.

The roof of a sunroom can be all glass, which may result in significant heat loss in cooler weather or attraction of too much heat in the summer. We offer an insulated or acrylic roof.

The insulated roof will reduce the heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. The acrylic roof with the heatstop pearl option will allow 50% of the light to enter and reflect 80% of the heat. A dripless coating used on the outside assists the rain in washing away dirt that can accumulate on the roof and that is so obvious with a glass roof. Since the roof is not transparent in the same way as glass any remaining dirt tends to be less obvious. At night the roof will reflect light inside the room and give an appearance that is brighter than a glass roof.

A solid aluminum insulated roof sunroom (R12 to R 24) is another option. A sunroom usually has windows on all sides which allows sunlight into the room. If one would like to enhance the light further then optional skylights can be ordered which will provide further light without the disadvantages of a fully glassed roof. Choose an operating skylight if you are in a southern climate to allow you further options to release any unwanted heat in the sunroom.

Our sunrooms offer the client the wall options with glass or tinted soft vinyl. Glass is a bit more expensive but provides more clarity, while the vinyl is tough and has memory and comes with a choice of clear, light, medium or dark tint at no additional charge.



Our Acrylic and Insulated Aluminium Roof Sunroom, patio enclosure comes in both a Mono-Slope or a Gable roof style and is available in sizes that are built to serve the needs of the client.

Sunroom Model installed on a park model trailer.

A Sunroom, Patio Enclosure may also be installed on a park model trailer.

Each Sunroom, Patio Enclosure is built from modular walls panels and modular roof panels. On all Sunroom, Patio Enclosure models, the walls can be extensively windowed except for 3" at each corner of the Sunroom, Patio Enclosure.

To accomplish the extensive windows, four sizes of standard window are available (36", 42", 48", and 54" wide). Custom sized windows may also be obtained.

The walls of the three season Sunroom, Patio Enclosure are either 2" or 3" thick and insulated with 1 pound expanded polystyrene (R12) vacuum pressed between a .024" stucco embossed aluminium skin (colour options) on the external side and a .032" embossed white polyvinyl chloride (P.V.C.) (colour options) skin on the inside. The aluminium has a baked, powder coated paint finish. The P.V.C. is used on the inside of the sunroom in lieu of aluminium as it is resistant to dents and is therefore more user-friendly for families with young children.

All Sunroom models come with one sliding patio door. Optional additional patio or hinged doors can be added to the Sunroom, Patio Enclosure. The customer has a choice of external wall colours (some colours are at additional cost).

3 season Sunroom
Sunroom - optional glass kick plate

If the client would like to enhance the amount of window in the sunroom, optional tempered glass kick-plates (kneewalls) can be installed (see above) in the walls (these go from below the normal window to just above the floor) as well as optional glass transoms (these go from just above the normal windows to just below the roof) can be purchased. (see right). The walls of the sunroom, patio enclosure can meet at 90 degree (normal type corners) or 45 degrees.

Sunroom - (optional glass transoms)

All Sunroom, Patio Enclosure models come with an acrylic or insulated aluminium roof. The latter is available in varying thicknesses, 3", 4", 6" (R12, R16, R24). The roof is made of 1 pound expanded polystyrene vacuum pressed to .024" stucco embossed aluminium skin on both sides.

Sunroom aluminum

The aluminum has a baked, powder coated white (colour options) paint finish. The thicker the roof the higher the insulation value and the greater the strength. The roof panels are 48" wide and are joined by an extrusion which forms an I Beam for greater strength than other types of systems that use modules that snap together.

Fixed or operating Skylights are available as an option and more than one skylight may be placed in a roof of the Sunroom, Patio Enclosure if desired by the client. Locations of Skylights in the roof can be specified by the customer but must be at least 4" from the edge of the roof panel. Normally Skylights are centered in a roof panel. The hole for the skylight is pre-cut in the factory.

The benefit of the aluminum roof over one which is entirely glass is the insulation value in the roof. Making it cooler in summer and warmer in cool temperatures. The skylight option allows the client to choose the amount of light that they wish to enter through the roof.

Acrylic Roof

Another choice available to the customer is the Acrylic Roof which has similar load bearing characteristics to the 4” insulated aluminum roof. With the Heatstop Pearl option this roof will allow 50% of the light in and stop 80% of the heat.

The Sunroom, Patio Enclosure roof comes with an integrated extruded gutter and fascias. The customer has a choice of gutter and fascia colours. These are normally matched to the colour of the walls. In addition, if the customer wishes the gutter and fascia may be dressed up with optional colour strips.

When a Sunroom, Patio Enclosure is attached to a home it must be installed on a deck, which has been built on 10" diameter concrete sono tubes or technoposts which go well below the frost line or a suitably constructed concrete pad.

When a Sunroom, Patio Enclosure is attached to a trailer it must be installed on a deck that under the most favourable soil conditions is  built on a base similar to that indicated below. As a caution many soil conditions require more extensive bases and one should check this situation out before installing the Sunroom, Patio Enclosure.

Dig 6" deep and:
Deck Block
Patio Stone
2" Styrofoam
2" crushed Stone

The Sunroom, Patio Enclosure is considered a permanent structure and it is the client's responsibility to determine the local by-laws, construction requirements and permits, if any, required in the municipality in which they live.

We also offer an insulated deck, on which the Sunroom, Patio Enclosure can be installed. It is available in 4" (R19.5), 6" (R28.5) and 8" (R37.5) thickness. This deck would be installed on a framed 2" x 10" pressure treated lumber structure built up on concrete sono tubes or technoposts which go well below the frost line.

Where the Sunroom, Patio Enclosure is installed under a home roof, an eaves-trough must be installed on the house to avoid significant amounts of water being dumped on the Sunroom, Patio Enclosure roof from the house. It is advisable to have water from the downspout drain away from the Sunroom, Patio Enclosure.

All parts in the kit are made of rust resistant aluminum.

Options indicated above are available at extra cost.


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