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  • sun porch
  • sun porch enclosure
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  • patio roof
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  • deck flooring

Roof Conversion Kit Warranty

*This comes with two warranties. Additional one.

The screen room manufacturer is known to assure many years of worry free use of its products. The manufacturer only uses quality material in the manufacturing of our product.


5-Year Guarantee on Structure Against Rust

Abris Penguin Shelters offers to the original purchaser a 5-year guarantee against rust on our aluminum structure. Should rust occur during this period, the faulty part will be replaced or repaired (according to the conditions stipulated below) by the manufacturer.


Guarantee on all Faulty Manufacturing

Abris Penguin Shelters guarantees fault free parts and labour on its parts for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. Should a fault occur during this period, the faulty part will be repaired or replaced (according to the conditions stipulated below) to the discretion of Abris Penguin Shelters, which will include an approved amount for labour.



If a fault occurs during the guarantee period the manufacturer will repair or replace the faulty part at its' discretion. This repair or replacement to the defective item, added parts or ties; including transport charges and installation charges will be excluded (unless an amount was approved for the labour of the product). This offer is valid only if, in the opinion of Abris Penguin Shelters this fault is not a result of abuse, negligence, poor installation, maintenance, freeze or unauthorized repairs for modification. These guarantees are offered only to the original purchaser and are not transferable to subsequent owners or on pieces repaired or replaced. The original purchaser must return the completed guarantee form included with the product structures to Abris Penguin Shelters within the 10 days following the purchase in order to be registered. Abris Penguin Shelters' responsibility is limited to the repair or replacement of the faulty part and doesn't include loss of use, inconvenience, nor damages or similar consequences.


Guarantee Claim Procedure

The original purchaser must advise Abris Penguin Shelters in writing (along with pictures) of the date where the fault was noticed within 10 days so that the manufacturer can have the opportunity to verify if the claim is justifiable and at what point the repair or replacement can be done.


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