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Screen Rooms with an Aluminum Roof

Screen Rooms with Aluminum Roofs

Mid-summer view of a Patio Trailer Enclosure

A screen room, patio enclosure or gazebo will also enhance the value of your property.

We have examined the market and are pleased to present you with these high quality screen rooms. These patio rooms provide you with protection from the sun's UV rays and at the same time give you a refuge from those annoying insects. Our screen rooms are easy to assemble. Whether you choose a patio enclosure with a soft vinyl roof or an insulated aluminum roof, our patio rooms require very low maintenance.

The three sided (Patio Enclosure) patio rooms are available with either a soft vinyl or insulated aluminum roof. The advantage of the insulated aluminum roof is that your patio enclosure can remain up all year around. The roof is insulated and will reduce the amount of the sun's heat transmitted through the roof - thus keeping your screen room cooler on a hot summer's day. An insulated aluminum roof also has superior water run-off compared with a soft roof.


3 Sided Patio Enclosure with Insulated Aluminum Roof

  • attaches to wall of house, cottage, trailer or mobile home
  • Available in 22 standard sizes
  • Custom sizes also available that will fill most other needs
  • Two frame colours
  • 4 gutter, fascia colours
  • This is a screen room that will provide you with years of use!
  • Insulated aluminum roof has superior sealing, load bearing capabilities and protection from the sun's UV rays
  • Extrusions and posts provide additional strength to roof so that it can support up to 57 pounds per square foot snow load depending on the projection and roof thickness.
  • Extrusions that hold roof system provide additional rigidity to screen frames
  • Gable end parts included in kit to fully enclose your patio room.
  • Screen room stays up all year round if installed on stable deck
  • Sturdy screen room frame made of extra heavy duty 1 5/16" x 11/16" and 1.27 millimetre thick aluminum extrusion frame. The extrusion wall thickness is significantly greater than cold rolled aluminum tubing.
  • Standard screen panels are 44" or 22" wide and 74" high (optional height 83").
  • Powder coated, baked on paint finish for better adhesion
  • Will accommodate patio room depth or projection from 7'6" all the way to 15'1"
  • Standard connecting wall height is 96" with options higher or lower from there depending on the depth or projection of the patio enclosure.
  • The screen room is screwed down to a deck or patio with specially designed brackets
  • Sliding screen door that won't get manhandled by the kids
  • 83" high screen frames for taller people
  • Screen frames with 2 narrower cross mullions (see b. below) instead of 1 wider one (see a. below)
  • Screen frames with 1 narrower cross mullion (see c. below) instead of 1 wider one (see a. below)
  • Extra doors
  • Roof height at point of connection to home or trailer different than 96"
  • Extension of roof beyond end of screen room
  • Coloured aluminum trim for gutter and fascia
  • Fixed or operating skylight
  • Privacy, Wind Panels
    a - 1/2 panels - 2 to enclose each screen frame
    b - 1/3 panels - 3 to enclose 1 screen frame
    c - 1/3, 2/3 panels - 2 to enclose 1 screen frame


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