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The purchase of a Screen Room, Patio Room or Patio Enclosure or any of our other products is a significant decision and we would like to ensure that you have full satisfaction with your purchase. Browse our site including the detailed information and pictures we provide of all our products.

To clarify any information and proceed to an order if you choose:

For inquiry or purchase of a Screen Room, Patio Enclosure, Balcony, Patio or Carport Roof:

Take the measurements of the PROJECTION, HEIGHT OF THE CONNECTING WALL, AND LENGTH OF THE ROOM OR ROOF YOU WANT. If you are connecting to a one story home or trailer with an overhanging roof, note the height of the wall of the home or trailer from the top of your deck, balcony, patio, or driveway to the underside of the overhang of the roof. If you have a hinged door from your home or trailer that will be included in your new room or under your Balcony, Patio, or Carport roof, note the width of the door and the height from the top of your door to the point at which you will be connecting your new room. Consider the height of the roof of the Screen Room, Patio Room, Patio Enclosure and be aware of any overhangs from the roof of a building or a tree, overhead cabling, etc. under which you may wish to place the Room. Ensure that the location of your base for the Room will not interfere with any underground services. Guidance for measurement is provided for you in our web pages below. Make note of the product information such as product sizes, options you would like and colors.

Measuring for a Screen Room, Patio Room Freestanding and add-a-room, Foot Print, and roof pitch (pdf)

Measuring for a Patio Enclosure Foot print and Roof pitch (pdf)

Measuring for a Balcony Roof, Patio Roof, Carport Roof and roof pitch (pdf)


For inquiry or purchase of Products:

Make note of the model, size and colours you prefer.

Should you decide to proceed with a purchase, please call 1-866-575-2322. The price on the order and the shipping costs will remain firm if we receive your payment within 3 working days (Payment policy). We are available to discuss your selection of your preferred payment option. The order becomes firm on your side 48 hours after we receive your payment and is then subject to the cancellation rules indicated in our Policy on Selling and Returns.


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