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Measurements for Enclosing your Existing Porch or Deck

Measuring for Walls Complete with Windows, Screens and Doors

At times decks or roof overhangs are not constructed level. Therefore, when taking measurements for the wall it is advisable to take the vertical measurements on the left and the right sides and several places in between, especially if it is a long wall. The horizontal measurements should be taken at the top and the bottom.

Our extrusion design can accommodate a slight variance in the height measurements. Alternatively, we can either cut the wall at an angle or where there are fluctuations in the height we can cut it for the long measurement and it would have to be custom fit on site.

Our walls will have some solid panel on each end, before the windows start. If you have a length variance between your top to bottom measurement, this can be accommodated by cutting the starter solid wall piece at an angle on site.


For Windows and Screens only (no walls)

The openings should be square for the windows to fit best. If you force the windows into an non-square opening they will not function properly. Our window design with an outer lip (outside mount window) provides some leeway for slightly out of square openings as long as the window is not forced in and is properly shimmed before screwing it into place. Any gaps can be covered on the inside with a moulding.

When taking measurements it is advisable to take the vertical measurements on the left and the right side and the horizontal measurements at the top and the bottom. In addition one should measure the two diagonals. This will ensure that when we ship you the windows they will fit in the opening.

We can accommodate openings between posts of up to 12 feet with our stereo window system.


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