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Carport Roof Pitch

Minimum Roof Slope Requirements

Calculation of minimum roof slope requirements for an Insulated Aluminium Hard Roof for your patio, balcony or carport.

In order to have proper water run-off from the roof a minimum slope is required. This slope is determined by measuring the height (A) where you would like to connect the roof to your home or trailer and the desired height at the opposite side (B). Then calculate the difference between the two (D). Projection is the distance (C) one would walk away from the house or trailer to which the roof is attached.

The projection of the Balcony, Patio, Carport roof has an impact on the thickness requirement of the roof. Please see Specification-Snow Load.

Projection Minimum Slope
(C) (D)
8' 8"
10' 10"
12' 12"
16' 13"

Carport Roof Pitch
Larger view in pdf format



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